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We develop technologies for the maritime and energy sectors that provide greener alternatives to carbon intensive systems. Our core knowledge in systems engineering is applied to utilize components available today to create systems that are mindful to the planet and can meet your decarbonization goals, while keeping your business running. We know the world does not stop, so we create systems for today that are considerate to your business needs but are also future minded and have a place in a post fossil fuel world.



Our added value is to bring solutions. Our tools are engineering. Our assets are people. We develop technology and provide engineering services to allow our customers to build a greener asset. Our licenced partners can also utilize our services and technology to fabricate the building blocks of your marine or industrial plants.



Our vision is a world where shipping and the industrial sectors that are hard-to-electrify are energized by renewable energy. Our mission is to engineer viable solutions and pathways to decarbonise and do it at scale


  • Marine Fuel Systems

    Fuelling ship powerplants with green fuels

  • Marine Cargo Handling Systems

    Transporting liquid energy or captured CO2 where pipelines won’t go

  • Energy Storage

    Providing long term industrial scale energy storage

  • Power-to-X

    Systems engineering applied to the transformation or transportation steps in the power-to-X pathways.

  • Industrial scale heat pumps

    Industrial scale heat pump solutions to electrify steam generation or other heat processes

  • Biogas handling

    Handling of biofuels that require purification and / or liquefaction for transportation.

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Our licensed partners

Wavelength Technology Centre does not fabricate and deliver goods. We design and engineer systems. We have established relations with some partners that are licenced to utilize our designs in fabrication and delivery of complete package units. Check in the map who is our partner in your region.